Smartphone Compatible Devices


Everywhere you look, people are sporting personal tracking devices disguised as a colorful wristband. That's because personal fitness-tracking is not just for the extreme athlete anymore. Just about every tech company developed a device which can store all of your daily activities and sync the data to your PC or smart-phone.

Fitness trackers make charting your health seamless. No more paper journals; these shockproof, waterproof devices are worn 24 hours a day and track activities such as running, bicycling and climbing stairs. They estimate how many calories you burn and analyze your sleep habits to give you a better picture of your overall health. Most models sync the data to online or mobile fitness apps and many allow you to create a personalized fitness plan.

OUTERAMA carries a complete line of Personal Fitness Trackers from the most reputable brand name manufacturers. We have devices for the weekend athlete, who wants to track steps and calories alone or in conjunction with a weight-loss program, or the extreme athlete, who is tracking heart rate variability and body temperature. Most trackers feature options that track steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes; monitor how long and well you sleep; wake you (and not your partner) with a silent wake alarm. The current crop of trackers have easy to read displays, LED lights, reveal how your day is stacking up against your goal. They are slim, comfortable and easy to wear and sold with both large and small wristbands included.

Reviewers say the Fitbit Flex is the most reliable wristband-style fitness tracker you can buy. The tracker easy to use, consistently accurate and syncs effortlessly with most platforms. It tracks steps, overall distance, time spent doing cardio and calories burned.

The tiny, accurate Fitbit One features an unobtrusive clip-on design and tracks steps taken, distance traveled, stairs climbed, calories burned and sleep patterns. The screen is bright and easy to read, displaying user stats and motivational messages. It even allows you securely report your results with other users, such as fitness partners.

OUTERAMA also features the Polar Loop, one of few fitness trackers on the market that is truly waterproof, allowing users to track activity while swimming laps. Users find the Loop to be very comfortable, easy to use and simple to sync with the iPhone app and computer software. The Loop also measures the basics of sleep time, steps taken, activity time and levels, and calories burned.

OUTERAMA also offers a wide variety of optional bands and accessories are available to personalize your device to fit to your style.

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